Welcome, Stranger

Hello all! My name is Rob Cartwright. Welcome to my blog.

Allow me to first share a little background about myself and explain what this blog aims to do.

I’m a nut for all things creative, especially in the entertainment field, where I have a fairly mixed background. I hold a music degree with an emphasis in composition and entertainment productions. I have many years of experience as a touring performer, drumming independently for many artists, with my own bands, and with performance ensembles. I worked as a show designer and director for Six Flags Entertainment where I created in-park entertainment, helped produce parades, and managed show casts. I have been involved in stage design, scenic design, and haunted attraction design. I have also served as a staff member for various DCI and WGI ensembles, collegiate bands, and high school music departments. I am currently the live drummer of hip-hop artist, KB, and am a performer for a Blue Man Group-style ensemble called StikYard.

Besides live entertainment, most of my daytime work resides in production. Over the past several years, I have been involved in mostly commercial video production including motion graphics, compositing, visual effects, cinematography, editing, sound, and some limited UI/UX design. I also have some experience building scale models for green screen work and special effects, as well as prop fabrication. I sketch daily and am currently obsessed with sculpting, but am by no means an expert.

The Purpose Of This Blog

This blog will serve two purposes. First, it will serve as yet another creative outlet to post my creations. Having an online archive of my thoughts and ideas allows me to track my progress and growth as an artist. You may find a sketch one day, a scratch built model the next, and a musical composition the day after.

The second purpose of this blog is to exchange knowledge. Though I am by no means a master in my field, this blog will aim to give you some insight into my creative process, from planning to completion. Because I do a lot of research for creative projects and like to share that new knowledge, I tend to be wordy in my blog posts. If that’s not for you, I will always share plenty of photos with short descriptions. My hope is that you can learn from me and I can learn from you.

I hope you will enjoy and will follow me in this journey I have begun.

Rob Cartwright